So I was working on Tuesday night, and I’m helping a customer on the phone to get some hymns on CD. She was looking for three in particular. Bye Sweet Bye, Amazing Grace, and one other (my mind isn’t fully working right now…). Anyways, I was able to find 2 out of three (strangely it was Bye Sweet Bye and the other song, and NOT Amazing Grace…go figure). Anyways, they were on two different CDs, she asked if we could burn just those two songs for her onto one CD. I’m like…uhhh no. She said she just needed those three songs to play for her father’s funeral (songs he requested to be played at it). I was like, hrm, that would be a neat idea to pick what songs you wanted, burn it onto a CD, and then pay for it.


This was being done at one

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It’s true. Don’t believe that dumb news that says “Young People are causing CD’s to go up in price, because they burn everything.” I was at work today, and two ladies were talking amoungst each other when I was checking CD’s for labels. One asked the other if they had heard this certain group or cd before. She said she hadn’t. She said, it’s ok, I’ll burn you a copy. These ladies were like in their mid-30s!! Geez, don’t they make enough money to not burn cds? argh….

For my first journal entry back in almost 2 months, it’s a rant. lol. =P  

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So I was gonna talk about guitars, specifically custom guitars. I bought some new CDs from Independent Bands recently, and included in one was a nice 15% off coupon on a custom guitar company. The company is Mayes Guitars and is run by John Mayes, a frequent goer of the Shane Barnard Project Forums (BTW: if you want some people to debate with, THIS IS THE PLACE! lol).
Anyways, John has been making guitars for a while now, and sounds like he makes some pretty good ones. Some of the big names that use his guitar are Matt Odmark and Steve Mason, from Jars of Clay, Andrew Peterson, as well as some cool indies like Koo Chung, and Rob Loomis. The prices are pretty high, but it is a custom guitar. I don’t know how long the wait is on orders right now, but yeah, I calculated everything that I

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heh, I really did. It was to write down things that I wanted to post in my livejournal. Weird eh? anyways, yeah….employees who steal from Christian store… and are sent to BOOT CAMP! on the next Maury!

Ok, lesse what’s first….

Merry Christmas! haha, that was like from last YEAR (2002). Uhm, yeah. Christmas was a blast. Got some cash, some Matrix clothes from the next movie, and got a Family Size George Foreman Grill (which my brother wanted, not me, lol). But it came with a belgium waffle maker….now if I can only get some Bisquick. Christmas dinner was alright. The prime rib tasted kinda funny this year (the garlic was overcooked, so it caramalized on the outside and tasted sweet, and the prime rib was also cold…booo). Oh, and the Au Jus was homemade at first, so it tasted funky….I want some good prime rib now…*sniff* House of

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hahaha. I was just checking (a chrisitan music news site), and someone posted this in their Q&A section:

Q: Where did Rebecca St. James (actual last name “Smallbone”) get her stage name; why did she not use Smallbone?

A: Many artists record under a stage name, and the reasons are usually marketing related, as is the case with Rebecca. I guess the ad wizards (old SNL reference) at Forefront thought “Smallbone” was a bit too different. “St. James” was chosen, in particular, because her late grandfather’s name was James.

I had NO idea that Rebecca St. James’ real last name was Smallbone! geez!!

Now I gotta ask them if Natalie Grant and Amy Grant are really sisters! (as I’ve heard that that is rumored!)  

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