Dead Cat Again, New Phone

Hrm, well I saw that Dead Cat on the road again. Except this time it was over in another lane….how strange. I wonder if it was still partially alive and “crawled” over there, or if someone moved it. Well…maybe I don’t want to know.

Well I got a new phone today, and a new service provider. It’s a Motorola V60, and with AT&T service. So far, it works really good. I drove home from work talking to Lisa, and where normally it would drop the call with Cingular about 3 or 4 times, it didn’t drop the call at all. The only downside is that the headset seems a little bit soft….Hope it’s not just made that way.

That’s about it, I just went poop. Whoooo. Good feeling. hahahaha

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Wrote Down Things to Post Up

Hah, I had to write down things to post up, cuz other wise I would forget them. Anyways, here’s what I have down:

Dead Cat in the Road – Hah…yes, right when I got off the freeway and turned left onto Meridian, there was a dead cat in the street. Didn’t looked smushed, just looked like it was hit, and was lying there. Kinda reminded me of my old old old cat Sugar Plum.

Ppl Have stuff Lent Out – Err…yes. Just like how I wrote it on the paper. hah. Nate has one of my worship books, so does Janet, and Teena from work has two david crowder cds. I think there may be more too, but I prolly forgot them, blah =(.

Ohhhh, this was more of a thing to post on this one Shane Barnard message board, but I guess I’ll post it here too, as some readers of this journal do like Shane and Shane’s music. Anyways, Chordant is doing a special promotion CD for new artists, with a bunch of different people on it (David Crowder’s song, “My Hope” is on there!) hehe, anyways, Song #13 is “The Answer” off of the re-release of Psalms, but the spelled his last name Bernard!!! Oh well.

Also at work today, I met a guy named Jaime, who was looking for the David Crowder CD. He runs a Christian Night Club of sorts, where they have bands come in and perform shows and stuff on the weekends. Pretty neat. Maybe one day I’ll get to play there. =P. The web site for their club is Pretty interesting.

Not as interesting as I warn you, if you get a queasy stomach easily…do not look at this site. If you like looking at poo and laughing your head off…then feel free to look. Don’t say I didn’t warn you though! 

I need a new phone

Well, I tried to clean my phone today, and to do that I gotta take off all the screws and junk. Well I tried to put it back together, and it didn’t work. This was all about the last 40 minutes that I’ve been trying to do that, then I played counter-strike for like 10 minutes (did well too, hah, considering I haven’t played in a while). Anyways, I tried my phone again, and now it works. Before the Sim card wasn’t reading as well as the screen wasn’t working, now both work. Strange.

But still, I need a new phone. I’m going to have my last month with Cingular now, and cancel that, and get a new AT&T plan. Cuz it’s good, has lots of minutes, and has good reception, even when driving I hear. Okie dokie, that’s about it. Those Atlanta Trip journals are still coming, just haven’t had the time to do them.

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I’m back from Atlanta!

Well I was in Atlanta last week for Passion’s Thirsty conference. It was very good. Umm…I may post my journals from it sometime soon, but it may take a little work, since I would do it with the times that I actually wrote them. Neat eh? Okie dokie. So now I’m back in the Bay Area, and man, I’m so messed up on the time. Atleast I’m not hungry yet. =)