January, 2002

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Well it’s been a lil while since I’ve updated. The CD project is coming along. Still doing most of the guitar work for the project, and haven’t gotten around to doing the vocals yet. Still aiming for the April 1st release date, hehe. We got a drum set in our house now. Nate came down last weekend and dropped it off. All the guys in the house (well Derek, …

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Man, it’s like 8:30, and I need to head off to work, but it’s so early!!! ahhhhh. I’m gonna die going into work this early. *sigh* oh well. I’m feeling a lil down too, so it doesn’t make going into work early any easier either. I just wanted to lay in bed and sleep all day. hah! current mood: disappointed

Winter Camp is in a few days. I still don’t remember our speakers name for it. Pastor Sandra, myself, Lisa, and Reese are driving. John-David and I are doing worship, and I’ll be bringing up my Chet Atkins, whooo. I’ll have a lil fun with that, and doing backup singing, though I’m not that great at harmonies, I’ll have to figure something out. I’m not quite sure what range …

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Well from a friend named Wei, I found out today that you can have over 160 buddies on your AIM Buddy List. Check it out!! Whoooo. current mood: amused

And now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord, my soul to keep, That if I die before I wake, erm….how’s the rest of this go again? dern it….

Hrm…can’t survive on just Safeway food. I need a Costco run soon! whooo, frozen food galore!! =) current music: Forever (live)

Well it’s nothing too big I guess, just scary for myself. Anyways, this is what happened. I went to go take out my Taylor (you know, the guitar I totally love), and took it out to play. I start playing it, and I notice some string-buzzing. (Ok, I just realized this may turn somewhat Guitar Techie, so if you don’t understand it, forgive me). So I check the frets …

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Doh, I have work in roughly 30 minutes, and have an ugly big pimple on my nose, and Ray’s in the bathroom, so I can’t brush my teeth or use my Oil-Free Face Wash. =P *sigh* current mood: moody

Well it was more of a nightmare, I’ll about it more tommorrow after work, eeek, just remebering it now as I almost go to sleep again. *sigh* Don’t want another dream like that… current mood: nervous

Well I finished up two songs tonight. Well…then again, “finished” is a term used lightly. As the bass, electric, drums, etc, parts aren’t done on it yet (as well as the vocals too, doh). The two songs I did tonight were “We Are Hungry” and “Pour Out My Heart.” Now the neat thing about these two songs are this, I decided to extend them a lil, by doing something …

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Wow, what a busy day yesterday and today. We’re busy doing returns about the whole story, because of Christmas. Whatever didn’t sell, we’re trying to sell back to the company that we ordered it from (which is kinda neat, thought they would just make us store it till next year, lol). Anyways, since I’m now in the music department, I was busy doing a bunch of Christmas returns. We …

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I forgot my devotional back in San Francisco!! argh! It’s really good, and it’s called, “A Godward Life” by John Piper. John Piper is a pastor of a church in Minniapolis, MN, and he speaks for seminars and such (as well as at OneDay 2000, where I got to hear him speak on Boasting Only in the Cross). Anyways, he has a lot of really interesting views on living …

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Wow, this post is mostly for Wade “Poopman” Chan, but check out Rivendell Music where a few of the top Christian acts record their albums. Check out the downloads page where they have a few songs (including one by Chris Tomlin that is on the album, but done RADICALLY different from the album version). Neato. current music: Beautiful Mystery – Caedmon’s Call

Why Hello there. I’m going to try to be posting a lil more this year. Hopefully through it all people will get to know my personality a little better and get to know me, in this weird internet world. Now I’m not really sure of how to do that, I guess just sharing with life experiences and showing my opinion on those kinda things. Well I’ll try to do …

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