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So I originally heard of “Invisible Children” way back in late 2005. A worship band that I was friends with had produced a video which was dedicated to the Invisible Children organization and used video footage of African children from a visit the band took to Africa. It was also a night where several organizations were highlighted and talked about, and they had one of the filmmakers there to talk about the documentary they produced and the plight of these children who were being abducted to fight in a war that was not their own.

My wife and I were just dating at the time, but I distinct remember watching the Invisible Children Rough Cut DVD together in her apartment living room and just being moved to action. At this point, Invisible Children had been set up as a 501©3 non-profit, and had just been raising funds through their rough

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Hey ya’ll (doh, I’m californian, really!),
I just got back from OneDay. What an incredible experience AGAIN! hehe. I had the priviledge to go to OneDay back in 2000 as well, and this one was again a incredible time with God.

As Nolan said, it was a little crazy the first day (saturday) with the rain, and the thunderstorms, and this californian and his 5 californian friends had to run to the shelter of the rental van for the night. Through it all though, God showed His power! It was amazing to open the van door at 3am and to see streaks of lightning fly across the midnight sky in a spider-web motion. WOW! God was trying to get our attention to tell us that He was there. He certainly was.

The speakers were great, the worship was awesome as always. I was a little overwhelmed by the amount of

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Well because my flight leaves in lesss than 2 hours! whooooo!!! I’m so excited. Did I tell you it’ll be my first time in Texas? The grand state that so many worship leaders come from…good stuff. Gonna check if my flight is delayed at all or anything while I wait for Ali and Terrence. Anh’s picking us up, hehe, poor guy had to wake up in the middle of his sleep to drive us.

BTW: The people who I’ve heard rumored of being at OneDay so far are:

Louie Giglio (given)
Chris Tomlin (given)
Charlie Hall (given)
David Crowder (given)
Beth More (confirmed! She’s an AWESOME speaker!! whooohoo!)
Joshua Harris (Very cool, I didn’t like his first book that much, but I LOVED his second book)

That’s all I really found, but I hope Steve Fee and Candi will be there again…no sign of Watermark either… doh…

Ok, they’re here!

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Well I just woke up and read some cool stuff in my devotional. I’m on like week 6 or 7, and it’s talking this week about Community. Community within church, friends, etc. Todays was pretty cool, because it talked about how we put on masks in life, and when people ask “How are you?” we always reply with “I’m fine.” While in reality, we may not really be fine, and we may be having a bad day, or worse.

The devotional reminded me of a Switchfoot song off their latest album “Beatiful Letdown” (lol, yes, I finally picked it up. I didn’t believe [info]switchette before, but I do now, the album is awesome!). Anyways, there’s a song on there called “More than Fine” where the lyrics spoke to me in that way (even though they were meant in another way, lol). Here’s the lyrics.

More Than Fine

When I

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heh, I really did. It was to write down things that I wanted to post in my livejournal. Weird eh? anyways, yeah….employees who steal from Christian store… and are sent to BOOT CAMP! on the next Maury!

Ok, lesse what’s first….

Merry Christmas! haha, that was like from last YEAR (2002). Uhm, yeah. Christmas was a blast. Got some cash, some Matrix clothes from the next movie, and got a Family Size George Foreman Grill (which my brother wanted, not me, lol). But it came with a belgium waffle maker….now if I can only get some Bisquick. Christmas dinner was alright. The prime rib tasted kinda funny this year (the garlic was overcooked, so it caramalized on the outside and tasted sweet, and the prime rib was also cold…booo). Oh, and the Au Jus was homemade at first, so it tasted funky….I want some good prime rib now…*sniff* House of

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