Bookmarks, Journeying Back Through Time

So bookmarks are nothing new. We as readers have been using them for quite some time in physical, tangible books to hold the place of where we stopped reading so that we can easily resume where we left off in the book. Maybe we had several bookmarks laid out in a book to keep the place of a specific story or passage of our favorite book.

Technology has worked along side of this notion with Web Browsers for years. You could bookmark a specific webpage that you liked, so that you didn’t have to remember a long URL to get back to it. Over the years of the World Wide Web, whole sites and communities have come up like (formerly which was a way cooler URL). They allow users to share their bookmarks in the cloud and even for others around the world to see what they’re bookmarking.

I typically think of myself as a pretty highly organized person (or at least if there is some clutter, it’s an organized clutter). This organization has all fallen apart in terms of my web browser. For typical work things, I have setup folders to access the sites I need to function, but for the most general websites of my personal life, the list just grows and grows. While I could have organized these into specific categories (much like my blog categories), I’ve found that it gives a sneak peek into what life circumstances I was going through.

Here’s my (somewhat long) list of bookmarks. I believe these were only saved from March 2011 onward. I really wish I had a list of all my old bookmarks from past computers, as that would have been a real trip going back and seeing what sites I saved.

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