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Hey ya’ll (doh, I’m californian, really!),
I just got back from OneDay. What an incredible experience AGAIN! hehe. I had the priviledge to go to OneDay back in 2000 as well, and this one was again a incredible time with God.

As Nolan said, it was a little crazy the first day (saturday) with the rain, and the thunderstorms, and this californian and his 5 californian friends had to run to the shelter of the rental van for the night. Through it all though, God showed His power! It was amazing to open the van door at 3am and to see streaks of lightning fly across the midnight sky in a spider-web motion. WOW! God was trying to get our attention to tell us that He was there. He certainly was.

The speakers were great, the worship was awesome as always. I was a little overwhelmed by the amount of

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Well because my flight leaves in lesss than 2 hours! whooooo!!! I’m so excited. Did I tell you it’ll be my first time in Texas? The grand state that so many worship leaders come from…good stuff. Gonna check if my flight is delayed at all or anything while I wait for Ali and Terrence. Anh’s picking us up, hehe, poor guy had to wake up in the middle of his sleep to drive us.

BTW: The people who I’ve heard rumored of being at OneDay so far are:

Louie Giglio (given)
Chris Tomlin (given)
Charlie Hall (given)
David Crowder (given)
Beth More (confirmed! She’s an AWESOME speaker!! whooohoo!)
Joshua Harris (Very cool, I didn’t like his first book that much, but I LOVED his second book)

That’s all I really found, but I hope Steve Fee and Candi will be there again…no sign of Watermark either… doh…

Ok, they’re here!

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Well in 31 hours I’ll be in Texas. Whooooo, first time.

The journy to OneDay03 begins then. I’m excited.

God, I ask you would bless the gathering we are going to have. Come in Your power and Your might. We want to be a generation set on You, with a passion for You that burns deep and bright. Visit us. In Jesus name…

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Heh, well not really, the title just sounded cool and I hoped you would read it.

I love Steve’s CD. Go buy it now!! Click here to buy!. It’s just super. 11 songs, straight from Steve’s heart to God’s, (but songs we can all love and grab on to as well). I’m kinda debating on doing one of them this Sunday (that What Else Can I Do song).

This is week 2, of our 6 week series on The Purpose Driven Life. I’m leading worship along with the band, and the weeks focus is on Worship, so what better week to lead. I have a few songs in mind, and after meeting with Pastor Kevin today, I have a few more. I’m almost at a mix posistion to do two songs. One is that What Else Can I Do song by Steve Fee that I posted in my journal

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We are looking for Volunteers who are out of college to serve at
OneDay03, May 24-27, Memorial Day Weekend.
There are many areas where you could serve: Registration, Camping,
Traffic/Parking, Food Service, Set-up and Tear-down. So if you are
interested, please visit and fill out a
volunteer application. The deadline to volunteer is May 1st and if you
have any other questions you can visit our website for a list of FAQ’s.
We currently have 807 people signed up to volunteer and we need to
double this number over the next 3 weeks. God can do it and we need your
help to spread the word. Thanks!

Jeremy McCasland
Volunteer Coordinator
sacred. holy. his.


Have you heard of OneDay03 ? If not…read
on….find out what Passion is
doing….find out where God is working…. Are you waiting for God to move
in this nation? Do you have

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