Ok, Weird Random Stuff Late in the Evening

hahaha, ok, this is just WEIRD, but yeah. If you’re reading this, go to www.268generation.com. That’s the website for everything Passion. Their ministries, they’re worship sites, they’re conferences, etc. They have this thing called a random entry splash page. It has about 4 or 5 different settings that it can load to. The background colors and pictures change with the different entries. There’s green, orange, yellow, and blue. Of those, just the orange one is the same as it’s been for the last year or so. Anyways, I was just browsing it today and noticed that.

Ok, keep looking at it. Reload till you get the BLUE/PURPLE tint background.

Now see that one guy who’s darker than the other people? I know that guy, he’s a SixSteps Record Rep (the same thing that I am, where we help to tell people about the ministry of Passion, and the CDs that come out through them).

Now look just to the right of him where his hands are.

hahahahahaha. Ok, nuff said. Weird eh?

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Wow, weird stuff in the newspaper today. I was reading the San Jose Mercury News today, and in it they were talking about how the FDA is stopping imports of those Jelly Candies that we so love. Apparently, the candies/jellies have caused two deaths of children in the bay area, so the FDA is stopping places from selling it and shipping it. NO MORE JELLIES!! Man, I gotta find a place where they sell them this week and buy a whole bunch before they’re gone forever. =(

Here’s the article’s link. Jellies Gone for Good?? 

Whooo, Bought a New Toy!

Hah, I dunno if I should announce this on here, but I bought a new toy! It’s a mixer (one of those things you plug guitars and mics into) and plug speakers out of to have sound. It’s a pretty nice one by Behringer. It was $229! (From $369!) and I can still return it within 30 days for a full refund if I want to. The bonus about this mixer, is that now I don’t have to borrow Anthonys, as well as it has a built in effects unit with Reverb, Chorus, Flanger, Echo, etc on it (just like the Mackie CFX series! whooo). So yeah, I got a good deal. Hopefully I can afford it…

Well speaking of affording things, man, I worked 8 hours and got double pay! Bring in the cash! whoooo. I need to deposit some checks sometime soon…haven’t had time to swing by….In the next few weeks I’ll be working too much…this week I have 28 hours, next week, 30, week after, 32, week after that is like 26, then up to 38!!!! 38 in a single week!! man….I haven’t worked that long in a long time…(like 2 or 3 years, hahaha). I hope I don’t die.

Well anyways, I got back to San Jose yesterday, and there was no internet connection. So I sat around and watched a movie, and went to sleep. Woke up, still no internet. That’s lame. I go to work at 10 till 6, come back, still no Internet. LAME STILL. So I give Speakeasy a call to find out what’s wrong with my DSL, I thought I maybe didn’t pay a bill and they turned it off, hahaha. So I speak to their billing department and they tell me that one of the computers on our network has the Nimda virus and they shut us down cuz of complaints. First off, I wonder who’s complaining. Second, I wonder how they know that it’s our network. They said that it was ip, which was Derek’s, I looked over to his computer, and it was gone, so I told him it wasn’t in the house anymore, so he got it turned back on, and I’m up and running now. Wheeeee. Good stuff.

Lindsey also moved in today. She’s taking Michael Fong’s place in the house for just the summer. Kinda weird…but yeah….so there’s a girl living in the house….kinda freaky.
So anyways, yeah, she got back today from Sacramento, and she got here at like 10am, and didn’t have internet, so she had nothing to do for like 9 hours, hahaha. She told me she played solitare on the computer for 4, took a shower, slept, then played more solitare. Oh geez…

Anyways, doing proctering this saturday…man, that’ll be long…but well worth it I guess. It’ll pay for my camp entirely, and I can still have some money left over for other stuff, good stuff.

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Looking for Cheap DJ Equipment

Hey, if anyone is getting rid of DJ Equipment let me know. I just want prolly a turntable (well…I guess maybe two) and a mixer. I’ll use it through one of my amps or something. (Reminds me, I need to get that amp back from Janet for the recording). Yeah, and if you have scratch records, or just some beat tracks, sell them to me too. =P 

Derek killed the bathroom!!!

MAn that bathroom STINKS!!!! I smelled something funky, and I had to wash my hands. I chose the bad bathroom. I was like, man, who just took a dump, and it was Derek. His stomach wasn’t feeling well, but now it’s alright. =P SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!

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