Easter, Good Friday, other Misc.

Well today is Easter. The day in which Jesus rose again. Thank you Lord for dying for me, that you went before us for all of our sins. I wanna be held by you, just rest in your arms. Lord, be my strength and my guidance. Take my tears and give me a joy from You.

I think back to a saying that I heard somewhere. “Never Lose the Wonder.” Though it may have not been said or used in a Christian term, I think it should be. If we ever take our eyes off of Jesus, His majesty, His righteousness, His Wonder, we lose what we’re supposed to be living for. I don’t want to lose the wonder of His love. Sometimes it seems so unfathomable to me, about how He could die for someone like me. How He loved me so much to do that, but it’s the same for all of us. We’re not righteous, not one of us, and yet Jesus died for us so that He could spend eternity with us, if we just offer our lives to Him.

This week has been a series of ups and downs. Work and relaxation (though mostly work I guess). I worked Monday-Thursday, and also did some work with the Easter Musical at my church, doing the sound for it. Over all, it was an enjoyable week, but kinda long. The musical went really well today, Lisa helped with the lights, and she did a really awesome job, and it was her first time! I’m so proud of her.

I guess the rest of today I haven’t been having all that great of a day. In fact it kinda sucked. =( It made me really sad about what happened, but I guess I won’t go into details about it.

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Odd Monitor Problems

Well as I was chatting on AIM today with some Sixsteps Reps, suddenly my screen just got darker and darker. I don’t think I was hitting a button or anything to do it, I think it was just the monitor. I tried restarting a couple of times, and nothing happened, I just had a black screen. I was kinda disapointed, as this was a nice monitor, and it lasted me a good 3 years. Then again, I remembered that Slickdeals.net had a flatscreen 19″ monitor for like 227$. So I went around the house looking for a computer to log on to. Derek’s was gone (I didn’t know that, hah, I saw the monitor there all the time, just thought, Derek left his computer, but he took it to Hayward). Then I tried Ray’s, but he has a password, and you can’t bypass the password in WindowsXP. So then I tried Michael Jeongs and he has WindowsME, so I could just bypass it. I went out and bought a monitor cheap from Amazon. Goooood price. Whoooo. Then I went back here to see if this monitor was working, and here I am. Doh. =P Well I guess I could always do that dual monitor support thing I wanted to do before. Wouldn’t that be neat. hehehe. =) 

David Crowder in San Jose

Hah, well I just got back from meeting up with David, the band, and some of my co-workers. Man oh man, what a funny night. I actually couldn’t get off work tonight, so I was working during the concert, but I did swing by afterwards (I sped off to the church from work, hahaa, never doing that again).

Well anyways, I got to chat a bit with David, along with my co-workers, and yeah. What a cool down to earth guy. For those of you who were wondering about all the sixsteps guys’ ages, David is 30, Chris is 30, and Charlie is 29. David’s birthday is also November 29th, haha, as we discussed today strangely. For those of ya who have seen David in concert, you know that he has 3 Chets. Each is tuned differently. The Sunburst (red and yellow one) is standard tuning. His old Maroon one is a variation E tuning (believe it’s E A E E B E), and his black Chet is tuned to a Eb tuning (Eb Ab Eb Eb Bb Eb). Confusing eh?

Well some other funny info that happened today. As I was trying to speed off the church, I kept getting lost, so I called my co-worker. Eventually when I got there, David had just gotten off the phone, and he had left a voice-message on my phone with my co-workers phone! hahahaha.
So yeah, David, what a cool guy.

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Crowder Contets Pictures

LOL, I got more pictures posted from the contest.
Check out http://web.archive.org/web/20020410150033/http://www.sixstepsrecords.com/can_you_hear_us_street_team.htm

I’m #5 of the Crowd Pleasers! hehehe. How funny. Everyone enjoy that last pic with Tony Hawk 3??? whoooo!!  

So, Crowder Concert/Worship Two Weeks Ago

So we went down to Santa Cruz to visit Graceland, cuz David Crowder and Band were gonna be there. Now I originally thought it was going to be a concert, but it ended up just being a service, and they were the guest worship leaders for the night. Ahh, it was still ok. I went around, and met and talked with all the guys, and got them to sign my cd, as well as this thing called “The Good Reader Certificate.” On their CD, in the liner, there’s a link to a website where you print out that Certificate, and you get them to sign it all. It was entertaining for them, cause David said he thought that up with the guys at around 3am in the morning. Sounds like something we would do too, hahaha. Anyways, yeah, I got to talk to David for a lil, and the other band members as well, and everyone else I knew was talking to him as well throughout the night. A few of my co-workers were there that night as well, so I chatted with them and David after the service, and he may be coming out for an instore concert/apperance in the future. =) Also, I somehow got the name, Randall “The Absolute” Wong from David now, hahah. I dunno what it’s supposed to mean, but yeah. =P

Afterwards we went out to one of Anthony’s Top 10 Romantic getaways, actually his #2 in Santa Cruz. It’s called the Pink Godzilla, and strangely, it’s japanese food, with a lot of white people working there (then again, it is in Santa Cruz, haha). So anyways, we have our meeting there for Praise Night and get all of our logistics down. Was a good night of fellowship and a good planning meeting as well. =)