Work Work Work, oh, and a Birthday thrown in

Worked for my 3rd day today. (Third Day? hehe, they’re new album comes out in November, mark your calendars!) The first day I was put in cashering, 2nd was customer service, and today I did all recieving (where they get all the packages, and products, and sticker them and put them out). Not really sure which one I like best….probably customer service, or cashering. Each one of the days I got to see less and less customers, which I guess wasn’t that great, hah. But work so far seems pretty cool. I enjoy it a lot and the people who work there are great! Fun people, and we joke around with each other a lot, but don’t put one another down, just have fun with each other. =) Good enviroment definately!

Hrm, so for my birthday today, we’re gonna go out to Red Robins a little later. Not sure how later that is. Supposedly my sweetheart, Lisa, is coming down, but I’m not sure if she really is, cuz they only have one car!! Well, I will really enjoy it if she does, hehe, even though she did just come out with my family to a birthday dinner for me. Oh, I forgot to talk about that too. But anyways, the list for tonight is Lisa, Derek, Anh, Erica, and Ali. Maybe some other people I’m unaware of as well. =P The more the merrier right?

So anyways, I went out with my family for my birthday dinner on Sunday Night, We had GRUBBBBBBBBBB!!!! Went to the House of Prime Rib (My all time favorite restuarant). Lisa was really scared to go, and have dinner with my parents and my brother. It was quite funny, and entertaining as I tired to calm her down. After the night she said it wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be. She also got to meet my brother, Eric, and she said he looked nothing like me, which I guess is a good thing, cuz I’m much better looking than my brother. =P haha. So anyways, I ordered the regular HoPR Cut, and man, it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gooooooood!! I had seconds too as they came around, and I could have really gone for thirds as well. Got a picture at the end with my family and Lisa at HoPR, and it’s so cute. hah. I should frame it and keep it on my desk, ahhhh. Anyways, that was the interesting part of the weekend.

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Interview with Berean

Well off I go for an interview with Berean Christian Bookstores. I applied last Thursday, and wow, what a quick time for them to have me come in already. Awesome stuff.
Lisa drove down yesterday to drop off some dress clothes for me, isn’t she sweet? She brought buy some pants, a shirt, and my shoes (hah, she bought 2/3rds of those!). I decided this morning that the khaki’s looked better with this gunmetal black shirt of mine, so I’m wearing those. I should have got some lighter color shirt…this kinda dark grey thing doesn’t work too well, or well, I guess I’ll impress them much. Wish I had an iron too, hahaha. oh well.

I’ll tell everyone how it goes later. =) My first (really) job interview, hah, amazing!

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Hrm, good Fellowship meeting yesterday

Yesterday we had an old SJSU student, Jason Ma, as our speaker. He’s featured weekly on The Bridge’s talk radio show called SOUL on Sunday Mornings. He speaks mostly to high school students, but spoke really well and held attention great to us college students. He spoke of God the Father, and delivered a very good message about the misconceptions we have about God as our Father. Anyways, very good message, and hopefully we’ll have Jason around sometime again soon. Good speaker. =)

(P.S. Picked Predatory, just cuz it’s a neat word, and I want to see what the lil icon looks like)

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Lil Update

Well doing a semi-montly update (well like a bi-weekly I guess, that means once every two weeks). We had a beach bash on Saturday with AACF. It was over at Seabright beach in Santa Cruz. Had some fun, played some beach volleyball, ate some GRUBBIN’ food, did some worship. About 15 people were there, including Lisa, who I brought along for the fun. The day was pretty good, except when I sprained my index finger on my left hand, and when Lisa forgot her purse in one of the drivers cars.

Well the sprained finger kinda stinks. I can’t play guitar right now (I tried about 20 minutes ago, it doesn’t sound great, blah). I can’t bend my finger all the way, so pretty much I can type a lil (with a lil pain), and play playstation, wheeee. No guitar, no lifting weights, blah. I’m supposed to play guitar this next sunday (was supposed to this last sunday too), and leading the next two sundays after this one. Hopefully my finger will be better by then, pray for me! I hope it’s not broken or anything, i feel sharp pains along the sides of it, but I can still bend it, with not too much pain, so hopefully it’s just swollen and sprained.

Well I came back from SF today, a short trip to drop off Lisa’s purse. She forgot it in Eric’s car on saturday, and we tried to call Eric on Saturday, but he didn’t answer (his phone was off), so he dropped it off on sunday, and I went up today to drop it off. We hung out for a lil bit, ate at Marie Calendars (where they didn’t have any potpies!!! grrr!! blah), and shopped at Meryven’s for a present for Tiff, and a replacement thingy for Evelyn. That’s about it for this short couple of days. =)