January, 2003

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So I was gonna talk about guitars, specifically custom guitars. I bought some new CDs from Independent Bands recently, and included in one was a nice 15% off coupon on a custom guitar company. The company is Mayes Guitars and is run by John Mayes, a frequent goer of the Shane Barnard Project Forums (BTW: if you want some people to debate with, THIS IS THE PLACE! lol). Anyways, John …

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heh, I really did. It was to write down things that I wanted to post in my livejournal. Weird eh? anyways, yeah….employees who steal from Christian store… and are sent to BOOT CAMP! on the next Maury! Ok, lesse what’s first…. Merry Christmas! haha, that was like from last YEAR (2002). Uhm, yeah. Christmas was a blast. Got some cash, some Matrix clothes from the next movie, and got a …

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