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Oh TiVo, how you’ve failed me… I’ve been a pretty loyal TiVo customer for over 10 years. I originally got a Direct TV TiVo back in 2003-ish days, then later got a Series 3 TiVo HD in 2008 when I got married. My wife also became a big fan of TiVo, and we ended up being filmed for some commercials for TiVo in 2009 (just talking about different features. The videos …

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I have to admit it. I’m a GLEEk (a fan of the show GLEE on Fox). Yes, it’s a show about high school Glee clubs. Yes, I probably did make fun of those same kids back in High School. Yes, I bought the first season on DVD for my wife for Christmas, but secretly wanted it myself. (Whoops! Hope she doesn’t read this…) My first time my wife and …

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