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Our little claim to FAME on every TiVo Premiere! (and YouTube)

Check it! My wife and I are on the videos for every TiVo Premiere box being shipped in the country (maybe even the world)!


No, we’re not models or actors like my gaming buddies Rick Malambri or his wife Lisa Malambri, but this opportunity presented itself as more of a happen stance. My wife Joyce has an old high school friend who has been working at TiVo for some time now in the Marketing and QA departments. Being that TiVo is based in the Bay Area, there’s been a couple of times that her friend has been asked to find people to do some in person focus group style sessions. I initially attended one of these after being a long time TiVo subscriber with Direct TV (this was back when Direct TV still had TiVo boxes leased through their company).

A few months later, TiVo was looking for a few real life users in the Bay Area to talk about how they use (and love) their TiVo products for an on camera spot. We signed up for this with sending our cute pictures, had a good word put in, and got scheduled for the shoot a few days later. All of that video work was done with about 5 other families/couples, and was primarily to show the different usages of the TiVo HD box.

Almost a year later, we were contacted again by Shannon from TiVo (the former voice/main spokesperson of TiVo), that they were looking to do another TiVo shoot with the same group that they had earlier. We went in, were shown and told a little bit about their new Premiere Box, and shot some more footage that was used along with the old footage to launch their new product dubbed “The One Box.”


It was quite a funny shoot, as we had watch our old video and find the same clothes we wore in that first shoot (I think my hair was a little longer the first time as well). The video crew couldn’t find the same couch either, but worked with what they had. It was a fun time catching up with the same crew that we worked with last time. As a result from the shoots, they came up with 5 total videos with us featured in several of the final products highlighting all that the TiVo Premiere box can do.

Here’s some of the videos from TiVo’s YouTube account in case you don’t yet own a TiVo Premiere (but you really should!)

Oh, I almost got called back for another video as well. They were filming another session (this time up in Oregon, but without Shannon Carey, as she had left the company by then), and apparently they didn’t have enough people of diverse ethnic backgrounds up there, so they were almost going to fly me up to Portland for 2 days to do a shoot. That would have been a blast, but didn’t pan out. Next time, call me TiVo! 😉

Warblade’s 2011 NBA Playoffs Predictions

I’m not one normally that into sports, though I do follow most of the NBA and the Lakers (not really a band wagoner, my wife is from LA, so I have a reason to like em. =P). Here’s my prediction for the 2011 NBA Playoffs. We’ll see how accurate I am come June! Here’s to a great NBA Playoffs and to the Lakers 3rd Three-peat attempt!


Craziness in NYC

Wow, big events today (well yesterday now) in New York, and Washington DC. The US was attacked by terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon. 4 Planes were hi-jacked, and were purposely crashed into bulidings. Two into each of the Twin Towers. One into the Pentagon, and one just crashed in Pennsilvania. This has been called the worst terrorist attack on US soils, and is being compared to the likes of the Pearl Harbor many decades ago. The attacks were so…surreal. I can’t believe it actually happened here in US soils, and that the Twin Towers are now, just rubble. Thousands of people have died in the buildings, they estimate that about 10,000 people in each of the buildings. It’s sad that 266 people were killed in the airplanes that were crashed as well. All 4 planes were hi-jacked, and were headed towards california. My prayers go out to the families and friends of the ones lost in todays chaos.

I’m sort of at a loss for what to do on Sunday morning. I’m supposedly supposed to lead worship that day. I’m kind of unsure about what’s even going to happen for Sunday morning, so I’ll have to call Pastor Kevin tommorrow morning to see what’s up for that….continue to be in prayer for this nation.

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