DSL Down Most of the Morning

Ahhh, DSL was down most of this morning (well from 11am until about now, not techincally morning for most people….but usually morning for me, lol, j/k). Ended up playing StarCraft with some of my housemates over our network since the DSL was down and I couldn’t do anything else.
Ahn chilled with us last night at the house after work. He came by to hang out and we went out to Red Robins. Red Robins is the best place you can go to get stuffed and have tons of drinks! Frecked Lemonade all the way!!!! =P (for 4 dollars thou, you gotta drink atleast 3 glasses, hahaha). Bottomless fries rule at that place too, but you gotta have a good waiter/watiress, other wise they’ll get mad at ya for getting so many refills (well not really good waitor, but a nice one).
Still haven’t gone shopping to Albertson’s yet, I should though, pick up some things and maybe make some real food for dinner. =)

current mood: recumbent