Interview with Berean

Well off I go for an interview with Berean Christian Bookstores. I applied last Thursday, and wow, what a quick time for them to have me come in already. Awesome stuff.
Lisa drove down yesterday to drop off some dress clothes for me, isn’t she sweet? She brought buy some pants, a shirt, and my shoes (hah, she bought 2/3rds of those!). I decided this morning that the khaki’s looked better with this gunmetal black shirt of mine, so I’m wearing those. I should have got some lighter color shirt…this kinda dark grey thing doesn’t work too well, or well, I guess I’ll impress them much. Wish I had an iron too, hahaha. oh well.

I’ll tell everyone how it goes later. =) My first (really) job interview, hah, amazing!

current mood: ecstatic