Lil Update

Well doing a semi-montly update (well like a bi-weekly I guess, that means once every two weeks). We had a beach bash on Saturday with AACF. It was over at Seabright beach in Santa Cruz. Had some fun, played some beach volleyball, ate some GRUBBIN’ food, did some worship. About 15 people were there, including Lisa, who I brought along for the fun. The day was pretty good, except when I sprained my index finger on my left hand, and when Lisa forgot her purse in one of the drivers cars.

Well the sprained finger kinda stinks. I can’t play guitar right now (I tried about 20 minutes ago, it doesn’t sound great, blah). I can’t bend my finger all the way, so pretty much I can type a lil (with a lil pain), and play playstation, wheeee. No guitar, no lifting weights, blah. I’m supposed to play guitar this next sunday (was supposed to this last sunday too), and leading the next two sundays after this one. Hopefully my finger will be better by then, pray for me! I hope it’s not broken or anything, i feel sharp pains along the sides of it, but I can still bend it, with not too much pain, so hopefully it’s just swollen and sprained.

Well I came back from SF today, a short trip to drop off Lisa’s purse. She forgot it in Eric’s car on saturday, and we tried to call Eric on Saturday, but he didn’t answer (his phone was off), so he dropped it off on sunday, and I went up today to drop it off. We hung out for a lil bit, ate at Marie Calendars (where they didn’t have any potpies!!! grrr!! blah), and shopped at Meryven’s for a present for Tiff, and a replacement thingy for Evelyn. That’s about it for this short couple of days. =)