Weekend Update, Thundercats! Oooooohh, I’m Lion-O!!

Well it’s been a lil while since I’ve updated. The CD project is coming along. Still doing most of the guitar work for the project, and haven’t gotten around to doing the vocals yet. Still aiming for the April 1st release date, hehe.

We got a drum set in our house now. Nate came down last weekend and dropped it off. All the guys in the house (well Derek, Ricky, and I) have been playing with it, and trying to learn. I went out and got some Hot Rod drum sticks for it, cuz I like them a lot, though they’re getting abused a lil. The drum set will help for the recording, whooo. I don’t have to lug my computer to my church anymore.

I got a new CD this week at Berean. It’s from this group called Relient K, and they’re cool! haha, they’re kinda punk music, but I actually like it. Try to find them on the internet, I haven’t looked for their website yet, but if I do see it, I’ll post it on here. They have one song (track 10, on “The Anatomy of the Tounge and Cheek”) where they sing about Thundercats. Any group that sings about Thundercats or any other of my childhood cartoons is cool (Like Chris Rice’s Cartoons song! whoooo!!!)

Still looking for a Live Journal key for Lisa. My buddy Nick was gonna see if he gave his out already, I guess he did though, since he hasn’t gotten back to me. Oh well.

Stopped by Tim’s house today too. Hung out with him and talked for a little while. They’re in the middle of writing songs for their new cd, and should start production for that either within this semester or come summer time (after Tim buys his guitar probably, hah).