Ok, Weird Random Stuff Late in the Evening

hahaha, ok, this is just WEIRD, but yeah. If you’re reading this, go to www.268generation.com. That’s the website for everything Passion. Their ministries, they’re worship sites, they’re conferences, etc. They have this thing called a random entry splash page. It has about 4 or 5 different settings that it can load to. The background colors and pictures change with the different entries. There’s green, orange, yellow, and blue. Of those, just the orange one is the same as it’s been for the last year or so. Anyways, I was just browsing it today and noticed that.

Ok, keep looking at it. Reload till you get the BLUE/PURPLE tint background.

Now see that one guy who’s darker than the other people? I know that guy, he’s a SixSteps Record Rep (the same thing that I am, where we help to tell people about the ministry of Passion, and the CDs that come out through them).

Now look just to the right of him where his hands are.

hahahahahaha. Ok, nuff said. Weird eh?

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