I’ve Got This Funny Feeling Inside

Hahahaha, if anyone know’s what that quote is from the topic, you rock. hahahaa.

Anyways, I woke up this morning to a Owl uhh…not crowing, but like….”hooting.” And it reminded me of my childhood days, cause I used to hear an owl hoot just like that back in San Francisco. Kinda interesting. I wonder if all owls hoot like that then. Just an interesting thought of today.

Also when I woke up, I remembered my dream. I was doing worship for some camp, and Lisa was also there. We were put into small groups, and we were trying to play some game where you’re supposed to connect with two people, one by holding their foot, and one by having your foot being held. I guess it was like a weird Ice Breaker withing a small group. Well it didn’t last long, and it was realy short, so we went back, and were just gonna have a short time of worship with our small group. I guess Lisa was supposed to lead or something, but she asked me to, because she wasn’t prepared (or maybe she was the group leader of the small group, I don’t know). So she asked me to do worship, but I asked her to choose songs. I brought my box out, and she said “Ooo, How’s this one go?” The song was “I Delight in You” and strangely it was somewhat sticking out on a folded paper. I tried to sing it, but I didn’t remember all the words. I woke up after that, but I realized that the words I was singing was partially from another song by Justin Barnard. Kinda weird. Hahahaha. Ok, enough of a weird morning.

current mood: crazy