KFC Chicken is Good

Man, KFC is so good, even when it’s cold!!! haha. Yeah, that’s kinda random, I know, but yeah….

Got a few minutes before I have to leave for work, so I’ll update on a little bit of things. Strangely, I got “scouted” or something at work. I helped some guy out to find a CD last Tuesday, and he gave me a call on Thursday at work, and wanted to sit down for coffee with me and tell me about the company he works for (some advertising company, along the lines of Amazon.com or something). He said that I had good people skills, then again, I don’t know how that would be used in an Advertising company (well I guess I could talk to clients or companies and such). So yeah, sounds interesting, but I also like working at Berean a lot. Oh well, it’s always worth just hearing him out and stuff.

Look’s like Derek’s computer has been down awhile cuz of a Virus. VIRUS! hah, better not be something you gave the rest of us too Derek! siiick. Anyways, Derek moved out, and now I’ve found out that my new roommate (since Michael is just staying in the other room) is going to be Daniel. Wonder what he’s like. Derek, you were a good roommate man!! =) I’ll miss you!! (heh, that sounded kinda gay, sorry, forgive me for that outburst).

Pastor Sandra’s wedding is coming up on Saturday. Man, I can’t believe she’s getting married. So weird. Think she’s the first of pretty much my age group (she’s just a year older than me) that’s getting married. And I know she’s the first one of the old youth group getting married. John-David (or JD as I call him) is a cool guy. Can’t wait to do some worship stuff with him around, whooo.