Last Night’s AACF

Wow, it went really well. Worship that is. I usually don’t always think so highly of when I lead worship, but I really enjoyed it yesterday. I felt like it was really loud though, hahaha. Oh well, it makes it easier to hear myself I guess. We did a lot of songs yesterday, but it was fun, and I think people enjoyed it as well. I even saw some people raise their hands! Amazing!! Considering we don’t really “teach” that with AACF (though, with my own background it’s common, I’m sure in a lot of other churches that AACF people come from, it’s not, hehe).

The slide thing we pretty neat. It went by pretty fast, but it was touching, though I couldn’t really see all the slides since I was playing. I just played that song “Jesus Lover of My Soul (It’s all About You)” throughout it. I’m thinking it’s almost time to record that, as I can play it pretty good now, hehehe, without fumbling, whoo!

Nate’s video was really really good! Except that the background music kinda stuff was really loud, so we couldn’t really hear the people who they interviewed, ahh well. Haha, Nate, if you read this, do you want to do a video for my church’s new college ministry? They wanted to do a “Interview on the Street” kinda thing. It sounds kinda easy, but yeah, no one at our church has a DV cam, haha.

Small groups was also cool. I was in a group with Eachan, Ray, Eric, Joel, Dorothy, and Violet. It’s been so long since I’ve seen Violet, so it was so good to see her! We just talked about how the events of Sept. 11th have affected our faith (if it has).¬†

Afterwards, we were hanging out at the house, and I wrote some checks for Anthony. One is for a Digital-Camera, I’m getting that Canon Powershot G1!!! whoooo!! The other is for Arnie, the staffer at San Francisco State’s AACF. I roomed with him in Atlanta for a conference held by Passion, and I haven’t been able to see him since then, boooo. And that was back in April. =( Sorry Arnie! Also at the house we hung out with James Quen (this year’s worship coordinator), and his friend Matt from SLO’s AACF. They both play counter-strike, so we just hung out and ate, and watched Michael Jeong playing, haha. Just kinda bonding, was fun.

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