It’s Morphing Time!

Hah, ok, one last entry for tonight. I was watching cartoons this morning, and switched to ABC for a little bit, cuz Fox was showing the A’s game (which they lost horribly in, poor Derek). Anyways, they had an episode of “Power Rangers: Wild Force” or some junk on. But the strange thing was that they had all the Red Rangers from all the different series they’ve had. There were like 10 of them overall. Now I can’t believe that. They’ve had 10 years of Power Rangers??? How the heck does that show live on. It’s the same plot, re-hashed, year after year…. I guess it just lives on through different kids. Well the show today was somewhat interesting. As I said earlier, they had ALL the Red Ranger, Power Rangers from the different shows, all in this one show, haha. They even had that guy Jason from the first one, and Tommy, who WAS the Green Ranger, then went on to be some Zeo Ranger (I don’t remember those episodes either…).

On a side note, that got me interested in looking up Power Rangers on IMDB¬†(Internet Movie Database). It’s a great site, which will pretty much tell everything about shows, who’s on it, what actors have stared in, and what shows/movies they’re going to be in. Anyways, I looked up the original show, and I saw the name for the Yellow Ranger. I remember when I was younger, I thought she was hot, hahaahha. So yeah, I wanted to see if she was going to be in any new movies or anything, and to my surprise, it said that she had died!! I read some more info on it, and it said that she was in a car accident on I-5, on something like Sept 3rd, 2001. Wow, weird. Just thought that was interesting.

current mood:  shocked