Passion, OneDay03, May 24th-27th

Hey, it was announced today on the OneDayLink, as well as on the oneday03 website (which I don’t have off hand right now, doh, go to though). It’s gonna be in SHERMAN, TEXAS!!! Whoooohoooo!!! I’m going to Texas finally!!!

I just got off the phone with Lisa about…20 minutes ago, and I was telling her how they were going to say on the Link where it was going to be, and I was hoping it would be in Texas, cuz I’ve always wanted to visit. BTW: Sherman, TX is on the north part, about an hour north of Dallas. Whooohooo!!

So yeah, I’ll be there in May, probably on the 23rd or 24th, or as soon as my last final ends, I’ll be on a plane out there. Anyone want to pick me up from the airport, and share a tent with me? I was too lonely last time I went, cuz I was the only person I knew who was going from my church, my fellowship, and pretty much, I went alone, knowing that God wanted me to go. =) I had a great time though. So yeah, man, I wish May would get here fast! whoohoo! TEXAS HERE I COME!