Wade caught me changing before going to sleep….

Errr…that sounded dirty didn’t it? He didn’t really catch me changing….unless ya count that I’m forever changing, since we can not stay the same from one second to another….ANYWAYS…yeah…

So anyways, Wade and I had an interesting conversation before I’m heading off to bed. Here’s some key conversational parts (BTW, WADE no longer has a cool webpage…it’s just a kinda random entry one (found at www.geocities.com/wadechan/))

Terrence, Wade, and I are now hereby known as: Terrrence, Waddde, and Rrrandalll ….. Don’t ask

Our band name: “The Bannnd”

Or I thought of a couple of cool alternatives:

Bannned from Earth (as our home is in Heaven)

Or even cooler, Bannnd from Hell (which wasn’t that cool)

And finally: “Ban’d From Hell”

Haha, I like that last one the best. People could take that either way…so yeah…it’s just a contraversial band name…hahaha.

current mood: wacko