Thanksgiving Potluck for AACF

Well today we had our thanksgiving potluck night for AACF. It was held in our weekly room, as we weren’t able to get access to someone’s house this year to hold it (the last few years we had it at Michelle Shih’s, but no one could supply us a place this year, so we just had it on campus. It made it easier to get to for most people. =) ). Anyways, it was pretty good. I mad Stove Top stuffing, haha. It’s cheap, and pretty fast, and from getting home from work at 5:30, I was able to make it REALLY quick and bring it along. Lots of neat dishes, best of all was the plate of korean beef that David brought. David also led worship today with James, and did a few songs on giving thanks to God. I forgotten my camera at home again, so I couldn’t take pictures of the delicious food and good fellowship as well. All in all, a good night, had a lot of fun just talking with people and eating some grub.

Afterwards, we didn’t go to our pretty much weekly hang out of Tapioca Express (and especially since they have “Holiday Hours” of only open till 7pm (though there was still someone there)), but instead we went over to James, Ryan, and Alvin’s place. We hung out there, watched some TV, and played some game that I don’t know the name of. Basically, it’s like spoons, but if you lose, you’re down to Level 1. If you’re on Level 1, and you talk to anyone higher than you and they respond in anyway (either nodding, talking to you, or answering a question from you) that person is now the same level as the other person (So, if a Level 1 person talked to a Level 0 person and they responded, the person who responded is now Level 1 as well). There are 7 levels as well. If you lose again (didn’t pick up the spoon) on Level 1, You’re now Level 2, and so on, till Level 7, on which whoever gets there first, loses the game. Unfortunately today, I was that person. Man I suck at spoons. =( Three others were on Level 4, one was on Level 3, and one was on Level 2. I dragged those 3 of them down to Level 4 though…beware of me, I’m sneaky. =P
So yeah, as the loser, they made a nice lil concoction for me. It was pretty bad. They didn’t tell me what it had in it till afterwards (pickle juice, soy sauce, peppers, pork something or other, tapioca balls, rice wine, and garlic salt). I sip’d a little bit of it before I had to chug it and it was pretty nasty. When I got to chugging it, I held my nose, and downed all of it cept the tapioca balls. It didn’t taste as bad when I held my nose, Praise the Lord.

So yeah, now it’s late, time for sleeeeeep…z.zz.Z.z.z..

current mood: sleepy