Long time no update

Well I wont’ go through all the boring Thanksgiving updates, nothing really excited happened. Just had dinner at my aunt’s place and saw my cousins. Ate some good dip, a lil bit of ham and turkey, and that was it. =P

Did have fun over at Athony’s pad the night before though. Crazy stories and gifts, hehe.

Just played that link that Alison had in her journal. (Captain Underpant’s Shooter). I scored 117 MILLION points (had to emphasis the million for Wade). I’m an official Wasteband Warrior. *Flex* “You truely know how to fight for truth, justice, and all that is pre-shrunk and cottony. I salute you!”. I don’t want to play the game again, so tell me if there’s something better than that score….haha.

New York in a few days. I printed up some stuff for all the NBC shows (unfortunately David Letterman isn’t filming this week, booo). But the shows I’m considering going to for NBC are either Conan O’Brian, or even better, Saturday Night Live!! SNL would be awesome to see live….it’s just too bad I haven’t watched it in awhile (dumb NBC and their Cable 3 thing now, blah!). But yeah, getting ready for cold cold cold weather. 30 something degrees….yeck! But if I get to see snow, whoohoo! =P