Hip new Sixsteps Records Shirt, and new OneDay03 Promotion materials!

Whoohoo!! as if the banner thing I made wasn’t enough, now I got a whole slew of OneDay03 materials to give out. I got a package on Monday night, not really knowing what it was, then I saw the Sixsteps label, and I was stoked. Inside was a new Sixsteps Records shirt (which I absolutely LOVE, hah, it’s so cool! and I’m wearing it right now, hahahaha), and a bunch of promo things for OneDay03. I can’t wait till OneDay and I’ll have to visit some friends churches soon to promote for it.

On a side note, I just checked my email and Michelle (Kinson’s gf from CBCSJ) asked me some questions about OneDay. She may be going with Kinson out there as well, so looks like we may have 5 people going now (well atleast that we can hang out and stuff). ahhhh, what fun. =) I’m stoked! can you tell? =) =)

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