Very Neat All-in-One Chat Program

 Ever wish you could have just ONE chat program? I know that I used to have atleast 3 open at one time (YahooIM, AIM, and ICQ). Well there’s a program that’ll let you use all three of those, as well as MSN, and IRC all at once, one program that does it all (lol, sounds sorta like Lord of the Rings, hope they don’t want to control our computers worldwide…). Anyways, the site is It’s a neat program, though the free version doesn’t allow for Y! Webcam features, the Pro version does (at a cost of $25 dollars). . Anyways, if you’re looking for the All-in-One solution, this is it guys!

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The Go Show

So a lot of people are going to “The Go Show” tommorrow. It’s a christian concert with Audio Adrenaline and Mercy Me head lining, as well as Kutless and the Swift are performing. (BTW: Kutless is my favorite alternative band right now, heh, they’re wicked cool, and in terms of Texans, they rock my face off (more on that below).

Anyways, just wanted to let any of the readers of my site know that if you’re planning on going to the concert tommorrow (or even if you’re not), they will be signing autographs and everything over at Berean after the concert (that’s why I heard the concert was pushed up to 6:30pm). We’ll be having all 4 bands there doing signings until about midnight (and I’m scheduled to work until 1am, wheee, eh?). Anyways, if you would like to come by, they should be there around 10-10:30pm tommorrow night, but expect a long line.
The address is
Berean Christian Stores
2481 Meridian Ave
San Jose, CA

On a side note about that “rocks my face off” comment, it’s something that I’m using just to spite them Texans, lol. On the Stripey board, there’s a lot of Texans that used that expression (and they don’t know where it came from). Well I may have the answer of where it came from now! I was watching the Jars of Clay, the 11th Hour DVD a few days ago, and in one part they were just interviewing one of the guys (Charlie Lowell) backstage, and he used the expression “Rocks my face off.” hah, just thought that was interesting…  

Another Random Rant on Older People and CD Burning

So I was working on Tuesday night, and I’m helping a customer on the phone to get some hymns on CD. She was looking for three in particular. Bye Sweet Bye, Amazing Grace, and one other (my mind isn’t fully working right now…). Anyways, I was able to find 2 out of three (strangely it was Bye Sweet Bye and the other song, and NOT Amazing Grace…go figure). Anyways, they were on two different CDs, she asked if we could burn just those two songs for her onto one CD. I’m like…uhhh no. She said she just needed those three songs to play for her father’s funeral (songs he requested to be played at it). I was like, hrm, that would be a neat idea to pick what songs you wanted, burn it onto a CD, and then pay for it.


This was being done at one point. WAAAAY back in High School was when the Flagship Old Navy first opened. In the basement was the “hip” new clothes, that was being braned by Old Navy as being “cool.” (In reality, this clothes sucked, it looked lame and everything). Anyways, I went down there soon after the grand opening of the new store, and in the basement along with all these “interesting” new clothes, was a DJ deck place where you could listen to music. You could also select what songs you wanted on a CD, and they would make it right there for ya. I’m not sure how long this took, but thinking back to then…they must have only had at most a double speed CDR. So it would take I guess atleast 30 minutes to make the cd. Crazy….


Erm, that was weird. =P Oh look I got a message on my phone, later.  

Old people are the cause for RIAA and piracy!

It’s true. Don’t believe that dumb news that says “Young People are causing CD’s to go up in price, because they burn everything.” I was at work today, and two ladies were talking amoungst each other when I was checking CD’s for labels. One asked the other if they had heard this certain group or cd before. She said she hadn’t. She said, it’s ok, I’ll burn you a copy. These ladies were like in their mid-30s!! Geez, don’t they make enough money to not burn cds? argh….

For my first journal entry back in almost 2 months, it’s a rant. lol. =P