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Tonite’s Activities

Well Anh beat us all today in Laser Quest or what not. He scored like 600 points and got 2nd place (the 1st place guy worked there). I got 4th place after Davey. I shoulda done better, but weird, even though a guy was right in front of me, I couldn’t shoot him. Supposedly when you fire there’s like a second when you can’t be hit, so if you fire repeatedly and fast, you won’t get hit. *shrug* Anyways, went over to some Cafe Won Sun or something over at McCarthy Ranch after and ate some some good grub and got some tapiocas. Yum, good stuff. =)

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Yo Yo Yo, Happy B-Day!

Well let’s see, what else is new today…It’s Anh Troung’s birthday. Happy Birthday Anh! =P He wants to go with a few of us to play laser tag at some place, where they have like 20 minute rounds. Omigosh I’m gonna be tired, but I’M GONNA WIN!!!! JUST BRING IT!!! lol. That’s all in store for tonite.

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