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BBQ and CS

BBQ went well. There was tons of food. Michelle and Ryan made this cool fruit salad and used the watermelon shell as a bowl! it was so cool, till Wade broke it. Ahhh well. The main food was hambergers and hotdogs, and some kaluhua (dunno if that’s spelled right) bbq pork. The bbq kaluhua pork was a little strong, hah, didn’t burn out well. I also helped a guy named Daniel tune his guitar, cuz he didn’t know how to, hehe. It was just a fun time of hanging out and gearing up for next week’s large group.

CS (counter-strike) 1.3 came out along with the Half-Life patch of 1108. The new HL Patch enabled a radio chat thing, which surprisingly works really, really well. It sounds crisp and clear over the internet with not lag (course I am on a DSL connection, so that could explain somethings). Looks good so far though. =)