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Wow. Cleaned up the whole living room and Bathroom….wondering about the kitchen, but don’t think it’s gonna happen (I hate washing dishes, ugh. And they’re not even my dishes to wash! argh). But the living room and bathroom are all cleaned. Looks really nice too. =P Ahhhhh, I’m tired. current mood: tired

Looks good so far. Things are running faster and everything. I’m busy installing programs and stuff, but things are going well. =) current mood: happy

Blearg. Time for a reformat of this old system. My HD has been acting up ever since I bought it, so it’s about time that I chunk this sucker and reformat. Hopefully it’ll fix all the problems. =) If not, grrrr, maybe it’s the video card I have. Been backing up all my files today with my burner. My audio recordings took up 3 cds!!!!! insane, course it’s all still …

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