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This was a nice, interesting, thought filled post I emailed to my friends in NY and from OneDay

Hey, don’t mind me, I’m just a stranger, hehe. Sorry for never writing
and everything. I’ve been a part of this egroup, well…ever since it
was really still under egroups (and not yahoo, hah). Wow, coming up is
almost May 20th! Almost a year since I met you guys and was richly
blessed at OneDay (I keep saying that term, “richly blessed” but it’s
been mostly for other people…but now that I think about OneDay, God
really did richly bless us all there, didn’t He? Awesome =) ). So
anyways, I wanted to drop by and give ya guys a message, let ya guys
know that I’m not dead or anything, and it’s very neat to still read
messages from all of you and to see that you’re coming back from all
your respective colleges and meeting again back at home. =) I pray
that you guys continue to go strong with the ministry of Sweet Aroma
at the Starbucks on Sunday nights and I really wish that I could be
there one day or that something like that could start up here in the
Bay Area, CA.

Anyways, just thinking back about a year ago, and thinking how there’s
no real big Passion event this year, I challenge ya guys to think back
about OneDay. Think about what God did with ya, what commiments you
made together with the Lord, what lessons He taught ya, or things that
He showed you there, and meditate upon this last year with how good
He’s been.

This last year has been a struggle for myself, even though a lot of
times I don’t talk about it with even my close friends. It’s been a
challenging year, and not all the times when I’ve gotten into binds or
was down in the dumps did I look to God. I’ve been faced with lots of
opposition and everything, but I can still say that the Lord is good.
I’ve still been doing a lot with worship at pretty much every place
I’m involved in, which is a total blessing. I thank God for the open
doors of ministry that He’s providing for me, and hopefully next
summer they’ll be more, I would love to do a few jr high/high school
camps or something, but I’m sure that’s all up to the Lord.

For a lesson that God has taught me….I think God’s really been
trying to reach me and tell me that I need to fall more in love with
Him. That I wouldn’t seek so much of an earthly love, because that’s
always temporary, but that I would be sustained and content with His
love, and His love alone. It’s a hard road and a hard lesson to learn,
and I’m still trying to get along with it (still after He’s been
telling me this since January, arrrgghhh, hah), but I’m sure I’ll get
through it someday…Anyways, I think I’m just rambling now and I just
feel like talking, haha, so I’ll let ya guys all go. Love ya guys a
bunch, and glad that you guys are all heading home soon. Hope to see
you this summer! =)

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