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Forgot to Post About That Nightmare, Here Goes…

Well it’s nothing too big I guess, just scary for myself. Anyways, this is what happened.
I went to go take out my Taylor (you know, the guitar I totally love), and took it out to play. I start playing it, and I notice some string-buzzing. (Ok, I just realized this may turn somewhat Guitar Techie, so if you don’t understand it, forgive me). So I check the frets and the neck, and I notice that the neck is kinda warped. There was a little (well not so little, it was about 3mm high) ripple in one section that ran diagnally across the neck. So I feel across that and it has the texture sorta like Athelete’s tape, ya know, that same kinda squishy-ness. So as I wonder what that’s all about, the tape comes off, and there’s like a SLICE through my guitar. Strangely it wasn’t just like a crack, but it was more like a clean cut through the neck. Angled just a little bit. At that point I was hysterical. And then it ended. Weird eh?

Ok, Ok, I had another dream last night as well, but I only remember one part of it, lol, and it may seem really weird. I’m an avid fan of Christian Musician Duo, Shane and Shane (www.shanebarnard.com for info). They’re an acoustic duo who lead worship over at Texas A&M’s Breakaway every week, and just all out rock with they’re awesome guitar playing and vocals. Anyways, on a hangout board of fans and stuff (www.stripey.net/shane/), they posted just a few days ago about a picture of Shane Everett and his fiancee being posted really big (a page big picture) in this week’s copy of US Weekly. So, in my dream, the only part I really remember, I was flipping through the magazine and finally turned up on this picture. Although, it was just a small picture (about 5″x5″) and it was in black and white, and it didn’t have his finacee in it….So yes, weird eh? I haven’t seen the picture yet, and I have no idea what his fiancee looks like, so I guess it would be really strange if I did see what the actually picture looks like. Ok, enough weirdness and random stuff…..Later!

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