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Craziness in NYC

Wow, big events today (well yesterday now) in New York, and Washington DC. The US was attacked by terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon. 4 Planes were hi-jacked, and were purposely crashed into bulidings. Two into each of the Twin Towers. One into the Pentagon, and one just crashed in Pennsilvania. This has been called the worst terrorist attack on US soils, and is being compared to the likes of the Pearl Harbor many decades ago. The attacks were so…surreal. I can’t believe it actually happened here in US soils, and that the Twin Towers are now, just rubble. Thousands of people have died in the buildings, they estimate that about 10,000 people in each of the buildings. It’s sad that 266 people were killed in the airplanes that were crashed as well. All 4 planes were hi-jacked, and were headed towards california. My prayers go out to the families and friends of the ones lost in todays chaos.

I’m sort of at a loss for what to do on Sunday morning. I’m supposedly supposed to lead worship that day. I’m kind of unsure about what’s even going to happen for Sunday morning, so I’ll have to call Pastor Kevin tommorrow morning to see what’s up for that….continue to be in prayer for this nation.

current mood: shocked