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Episode VI: Return of the SST

Heh, sorry, I had to do a lil Star Wars spoof there. Today in my endeavors, I was on a mission to try and find a shock mount that would fit my new condensor mic that Lisa got me for my birthday a few weeks ago. I didn’t find one, and boy, the people there in the Pro-Audio section of Guitar Center are pretty dumb, I’m sorry to say…
Anyways, I traveled over to the acoustic guitar section and noticed they still had that Chet Atkins SST model I raved about long time ago, hrm, but I just checked it out, and maybe I didn’t write about it. Anyways, I checked out the guitar originally back in July, and I liked it, but thought it would be sold off before I would ever get enough money for it. Well it just so happens that they still have the guitar, and the guy is willing to let it go for 800$ with the case. I’ll be doing some praying and seeing if I want to get it. If I do get it, I’m gonna sell off my Takamine. I think I can get about 350-400$ for my old takamine, since it’s still in pretty good shape (except in that one spot *sniff* where I cried for my guitar after my guitar case fell on that one part, argh). Anyways, I’ll definately be looking into it, and I am working now, so it’s a big possibility.

Today, AACF had our thanksgiving potluck over at Michelle Shih’s house. I actually missed when they all left, cuz I was shopping, but I mad it just in time for us to pray for the food. The food was great, and more and more just kept coming as more and more people came in. We had about 30 people come out, so it was a very good turn out.
I didn’t have time to make my stuffing, so I still have 4 boxes of stove top left…maybe I’ll make it next week for thanksgiving, but I’m not sure where we’re having it yet…

Work is going great. They work me hard, but hey, it’s what I get paid for (though I don’t get paid much, ahh well). Maybe I’ll be promoted to a supervisor soon, but who knows, it’s all in God’s hands. That’s about it for this update, I’ll see ya on the flip side. hah.

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