Weekend Update with Randall Wong

Whooo, another weekend update. And some nice juicy stuff to talk about, hahaha.

Friday was a cool day. I didn’t do much, but it was still good. At Youth Group we had an announcement of a new Youth Pastor for the English congregation, and it was none other than our homegrown PK girl, Pastor Sandra Lim. It’ll be a good time for Sandra to grow and for us to learn under her and be challenged by what God has put on her heart. That was pretty much friday, oh, and the spontaneous time of worship we had afterwards that went on for awhile, but it was really cool, hehe. =) We didn’t leave until around 10:30! Geez!

Saturday was loads of fun again. Almost like a barrel full of monkeys. It started out with taking Justin and Ango to the DMV (and Lisa came along too to hang out). Justin and Ango had to get their permits, cuz Justin’s expired, and Ango needs one. So off we went, but as soon as we got there, Ango didn’t have her slips she needed. We had to drive back to the Lau’s, then back to the DMV, haha. So we waited around a little bit before Justin and Ango went in to take their test, and it took SOOOOOO long of waiting (oh the reason I had to go was because I needed a front license plate after being pulled over the weekend before, but unfortunately they weren’t doing license plate things today, ARGH). So anyways, we sat around for awhile, and Justin and Ango finally took their test, and both passed. I’m 4 for 4! whoohoo
Anyways, afterwards, we went to my house to make cookies! (Since if you read my journal a lot, or were there on Thursday, we didn’t make them on Thursday, so this was to make up for it, whee ) So we made cookies, Chocolate chip (my favorite) and Oatmeal raisin walnut cookies. Yum Yum. Oh, and Lemon Squares. We didn’t eat many there, and brought them over to Sara’s place where we had a college games night kinda thing. It was fun, but we had waaaay too much food. I ate until I was stuffed. They played some funny game called something like “Gab It Up” where it sounds like you speak chineglish or ebonics and you have to realize what phrase you’re saying. Then we played Taboo, guys verses girls, and after a long battle, the guys won, but only by 2. The girls played a VERY good game! (I really mean it! You better not beat me up Lisa! haha).

Sunday, wow, today, Erm…wait, now it’s monday, doh. Thought I would get to do an update on Sunday, but oh well. ANYWAYS, Sunday was slightly long, since it was Father’s Day! It was another Joint service and the Chinese worship team led worship and we were priviledge to have Pastor Lim speak today. Also today was the installation of the new senior pastor, Pastor Au-Yueng. It was very nice and touching. After service 8 of us (Reese, Justin, Gordo, Eric, Tiff, Michelle, and Janet) went to Red Robins, and spent a bundle on lunch, blah. I dropped of Janet, and while on the way, Lisa and Ango called to ask us to hang out, so we went over to there place for a lil and watched The Watcher, and looked as some old family pics of Lisa, Ango, and their brother Lawrance, hehe. Man, kid pictures are so cute! Haha, I love looking at them. I had to get home by 6:30 to go out with my Parents, brother, and Paw-paw for Father’s Day. We went to some crazy frence restaurant that plays movies on a big wall on 21st and Mission. It was pretty interesting, and had some good food (omigosh, the BEST filiot Minget I’ve EVER had. DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL). So good. After Dinner I just jammed on home back to San Jose, wheee. Long weekend. And there it is. =)

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