The First New Entry of the New Year

Why Hello there. I’m going to try to be posting a lil more this year. Hopefully through it all people will get to know my personality a little better and get to know me, in this weird internet world. Now I’m not really sure of how to do that, I guess just sharing with life experiences and showing my opinion on those kinda things. Well I’ll try to do better in this online journal thing in this year. Lesse how it goes.

The past few weeks have been busy busy busy. I’m currently back and forth between San Francisco and San Jose working and hanging out with church friends. School starts up again Jan 23rd, so it’s not too far away. I also have to start working more on the cd project, which I want to be done by April (let’s see how that goes…have to stick to the schedule….doh!).

I got to talk with Victor from Hope Road, a band from the East Coast about recording (see previous story about a Chet Atkins one member had, hah). Anyways, was just talking with him and he gave me some insights on doing the recording stuff (like the layers, drums should go after guitars, or sometimes first (but dunno how plausible that is right now)). But recording this semester should be really fun. I did some mock vocals the other night, and they worked out really well. It should be very exciting to see the songs grow and come out on a cd in a few months.