Recording Ways

Well the recording is nicely on it’s way. I did the guitar tracks for “Our Love is Loud” though it’s not one of the original songs I picked, I do really like the song, and may include it with this AACF CD (if it doesn’t go on there, it definately will go on my own cd, hehehe). I figured out the chords a few nights ago when 722 did it in it’s entirety for their Christmas service.

722’s Christmas service was awesome! my goodness. Never heard Christmas carols sound so good!!! really! If you haven’t listened to it yet, browse by and click on the Past Messages. Click on the last one for this “season”.

I bought a web cam two nights ago. It’s not on a lot, unless I’m on yahoo messenger. I don’t really like yahoo messenger, except that it can use a web cam, so I’m hoping that AOL will get their acts together and make something where you can use a web cam sorta how yahoo has it. Maybe they’ll someday browse upon this page and read about it. =)

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