I’m Tired

Well it’s Friday, sorta. I’m tired. I recorded with Erica today (first time she’s come in to record vocals), and it sounded really good. She did vocals for like 3 songs (Pour out My Heart, God of Wonders, and My God Reigns). They turned out pretty good, and my voice was better today, other than Nate commenting that when I sing My God Reigns, that I sound like a Leprachaun. I don’t even know what a Leprechaun sounds like, weird. =P

Anyways, I heard that Michelle Kwan got 3rd today. Too bad =( I was really hoping that she’d get the gold. I know that she’s a local gal (from San Jose or something I think). Oh well, 3rd place is still good too I guess (then again, she had a silver before as well). Anyone think if she’ll try for it again in 4? She’ll be 25 by then right? Hrm…maybe a little old, but we’ll see. I’m cheering for you Michelle Kwan! hah (well, and so does Anh, he thinks she’s HOT, lol).

Doh, I gotta buy airline tickets really soon, before all the prices go sky high. lalalala. Erm….no pun intended in that last sentance….

Ok, I’m pretty tired, g’nite

current mood: exhausted