Crowder’s CD and He’s coming to Santa Cruz!

Wow, the 2nd day of his CD release, and we’ve already sold about 15 or more copies. We sold 10 yesterday, as I recorded, and I’m anxicously awaiting to see how many we sound today. Looks like the CD is doing extremely well.

Well I found out today through some other Sixsteps Reps that Chris Tomlin did buy a Chet Atkins SST guitar. This story goes back a few months (back in November) when I first bought my Chet Atkins. I was looking up prices on them, after I bought mine, to see how good of a deal I got on mine, and I noticed that someone on ebay bid, and won a Chet Atkins SST with tne ebay username of “christomlin”. I thought, man, maybe it’s really Chris, so I emailed him through ebay, but got no response back. Funny to find that out. Also, a few days after that, I was watching 722 for that week (which reminds me, I haven’t seen this weeks yet) and I saw Steve Fee had a Chet as well, which was new. His was in a natural finish, which I don’t like very much, cuz it looks kinda weird.

I’m picking up some of the crew from Missouri on Saturday night from the Airport I think, even though I haven’t given Pastor Sandra a call back on that. Ahhh, I’ll just email her right now. Ok, think that’s about it. Next week is the big outreach week with Oath, Evangel University Students, as well as some students from North West college. Big week.

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