Blah, I’m SICK!

Well I’m sick. With 3 days till the praise night, and I have a cold or a flu. Man this sucks. =( We’re supposed to have worship practice right now, but not everyone’s here. I’m wondering if I should pop some ibuprofen or not. Good point: it makes me feel better. Bad point: Drowsiness and Lisa says taking medicine is bad for me.

Well if you feel called to pray for me, please do, as I need to be healed in 3 days! I believe that God can do it, just not sure if it’s happening or not, but I really hope it will.

So my symptoms are feeing light-headed, my throat hurts, my nose is pretty jacked (dry), and I’m chilly like crazy. I feel like I’m a sub-zero tempurature. Aiya, this is so bad. Ok, anyways,

Church was good today, I lead worship, and got a lot of compliments on it today, but all glory goes to God. I know that in my “state of being” right now, anything I do is by God’s strentgh, amen! Ok, I’m tired from writing, give me a message on AIM and encouragement (like what we learned in sunday school today, hehe). Ok, till next time.

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current music: Sing Like the Saved – David Crowder