Geez, what time is it now?/?

I went to sleep at like 10pm last night. Slept well and stuff. Anh brought buy a heater for my room, one of those heat dishes, but as they installed it, it woke me up, cuz it has this safety buzzer, that if it’s not upright, it makes a loud buzzing noise. Ali also brought by some Niquil or something (nightquil? I dunno how to spell it). Awwww, so nice. I didn’t eat anything last night, so now I’m feeling a lil hungry, guess that’s a good sign.

Oh, you may be wondering why I’m up and it’s 7:15 in the morning. Well the same thing happened to that heat dish. It started buzzing, and scared the crap outta me!! I tried to put it upright, but it wouldn’t work, so I just unplugged it. I came outside to the living room to try and drink some fluids, my throat still hurts like crazy.=( I don’t think I’m going to class or work today, blah. Oh well. I do feel a little better though, praise God! Ok, going back to bed, lol, maybe I should bring the TV into my room along with Michael’s dreamcast, hahaha.

I remember fun memories like being sick (well they were never really fun), but I remember when I used to get to stay home, and have the nintendo in my room and watch tv in bed and stuff. It was fun. Hrm, maybe I was just spoiled. Oh, and I only played or watched tv after I slept and stuff, cuz otherwise I would never get better.

Ok, that seems to be it, back to bed!

current mood: sick