David Crowder in San Jose

Hah, well I just got back from meeting up with David, the band, and some of my co-workers. Man oh man, what a funny night. I actually couldn’t get off work tonight, so I was working during the concert, but I did swing by afterwards (I sped off to the church from work, hahaa, never doing that again).

Well anyways, I got to chat a bit with David, along with my co-workers, and yeah. What a cool down to earth guy. For those of you who were wondering about all the sixsteps guys’ ages, David is 30, Chris is 30, and Charlie is 29. David’s birthday is also November 29th, haha, as we discussed today strangely. For those of ya who have seen David in concert, you know that he has 3 Chets. Each is tuned differently. The Sunburst (red and yellow one) is standard tuning. His old Maroon one is a variation E tuning (believe it’s E A E E B E), and his black Chet is tuned to a Eb tuning (Eb Ab Eb Eb Bb Eb). Confusing eh?

Well some other funny info that happened today. As I was trying to speed off the church, I kept getting lost, so I called my co-worker. Eventually when I got there, David had just gotten off the phone, and he had left a voice-message on my phone with my co-workers phone! hahahaha.
So yeah, David, what a cool guy.

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