Odd Monitor Problems

Well as I was chatting on AIM today with some Sixsteps Reps, suddenly my screen just got darker and darker. I don’t think I was hitting a button or anything to do it, I think it was just the monitor. I tried restarting a couple of times, and nothing happened, I just had a black screen. I was kinda disapointed, as this was a nice monitor, and it lasted me a good 3 years. Then again, I remembered that Slickdeals.net had a flatscreen 19″ monitor for like 227$. So I went around the house looking for a computer to log on to. Derek’s was gone (I didn’t know that, hah, I saw the monitor there all the time, just thought, Derek left his computer, but he took it to Hayward). Then I tried Ray’s, but he has a password, and you can’t bypass the password in WindowsXP. So then I tried Michael Jeongs and he has WindowsME, so I could just bypass it. I went out and bought a monitor cheap from Amazon. Goooood price. Whoooo. Then I went back here to see if this monitor was working, and here I am. Doh. =P Well I guess I could always do that dual monitor support thing I wanted to do before. Wouldn’t that be neat. hehehe. =)