Dumb Drivers and AACF

Well yesterday as I was on my way to work, there was a really, really dumb lady. I was in the left lane, of a 2 lane street. In the right lane there was a stopped bus for public transportation. I maintain my speed, and this red BMW in the right lane TOTALLY cuts me off right before I pass the bus. About two blocks down, she comes along side of my car (she went back into the right lane after she passed the bus), rolls down her window and starts yelling at me! WHAT AN IDIOT!!! Man, that made me mad. When she cut me off, I wasn’t mad, but when she had the nerve to try and say it was my fault, GRRRRRR. Whatever lady!

AACF was last night and we had OATH over there as well as some people from NorthWest. We got put into the Umhana room, cuz we had so many people and Derek got us in there by asking. Cool stuff. THEY HAD BETA 58 WIRELESS MICS IN THERE!! I didn’t get to use them, but wow!!! I wish our church had them. =(
The night went really well, NorthWest did a few skits that I hadn’t seen before, and Oath did a few of their skits and human videos. We didn’t have too many people out there this week, it was really too bad. =( Oh well. They missed out.

That’s it for now. (lol, I just used infuriated, cuz it sounds need and I wanna see what the icon looks like)