Cool day at work

It seemed long, and a little dull. My main job was doing product returns, so pulling off excessive amounts of cds, that don’t sell well, and putting them on a cart. After that was all done, I had to go through each and every cd and tape to make sure they have a upc label on it, for scanning, and make sure all the Demo CDs for listening, dont’ have these upc labels. I only got through about 7 shelves of that. heh.

One of the neat things today was that I met a Reverend by the name of Reverned Owens. (sorry, not sure on his first name, hahaha). I actually met him briefly about 2 weeks ago when I was up at the registers. Anyways, I got to talk with him some more today, and we just chatted about things. We talked about Christian Rap artist, and how I felt about them and such, and about how before I was saved I used to listen to a lot of Rap and R&B and junk like that, but the Lord delivered me from that, as well as cursing, and other things. It was so fun to talk to him, and he’s a pretty cool guy. He grew up actually in San Francisco, right by where Lisa lives (well more over by Cornerstone, but that’s close enough considering). He mentioned that he’ll pray that the Lord will have us meet again, so that I could lead worship at his father’s church in SF (which he may take over from his father soon, he’s praying about it). Anyways, just wanted to update my journal with that neat entry about a friendly customer. =)