WIFE WANTED!!! (erm, not for me, hah, read on)

Ok, well in trying to find a wife for Derek Chan, Nate posted this on his deadjournal. I figure I should post it to, as we want to try and find him an availible woman. (man, if this every really really gets out, oh boy, derek may never find a wife, hah, this seems so desparate….erm…sorry). Anyways, here goes the message, this is written by Nate, hah.

yeah that’s right… its’ in bold. Derek Chan is looking for a wife, so if any of you ladies feel like meeting him then leave a message. hahahahaha. He is one of the coolest cats that i know, and overall a giant Sharks fan. Raised in Hayward, Derek is about 5’7″ish and has black hair, brown eyes. He’s chinese but can’t understand a word of it. much like me. haha… he also enjoys long walks on the beach (for all u ladies who are into that kinda stuff). Derek is a caring, loving, and compassionate person. so if u are interested, or know someone who is, just leave me a message or something, and i’ll send u an application. we are determined to find a good wife for him.

I’ll just add, I’ve known him for about…5 years now, and he’s a great guy. Funny, good looking, and if you want pictures of him in the show….errrmmm…never mind. I was just kidding. I’m his current roommate, and have been for the last 2 years, so I can say he’s a pretty clean guy (cleaner than the rest of us in the house, or atleast cleaner than me). So yeah, if you’re interested, or want to go on a blind date with him, leave a comment, or email me! =P Hah! Sick!