Chris Tomlin, “Not To Us”

Chris Tomlin’s new album comes out September 10th, 2002, and it’s entitled “Not To Us”. I got a pre-release copy from work with just 5 songs on it, but it sounds pretty great. As I played the CD twice in the store last night (when I first got it) two people asked about it already! haha. So looks like it’ll be a great CD. People liked Chris’ voice a lot, so I’m sure people will be asking about him a lot, if any of them get some airplay (supposedly I read the song “Enough” be released to the radio markets fairly soon).

Anyways, I have here a e-card which can be downloaded, and also sent to other people which features some info on the new cd, as well as plays some good music from it. =) Enjoy!

Oh, and BTW: The versions of “Enough” and “Famous One” sound pretty different from the ones off the “Our Love is Loud” CD, which is pretty cool. Usually they sound bland and the same as the live versions, but they changed it up a lot, which is really neat. =) Also, I say it here first, but the song “Wonderful Maker” will be the next “song” if ya know what I’m talking about. The next “Shout to the Lord” or “Heart of Worship” or what not. It’s co-written by Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman, so best of both worlds. =)

Oh, and on a side note, I hope I don’t see Matt Redman in awhile. After watching the Patriot with Mel Gibson, I almost feeling slapping anyone British I see, hahahaha. Ok, maybe not, but man, that one guy pissed me off.

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