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blah, for some reason, my posts don’t always show up. I knew I posted those last two entries, but they never came up…weird…

Anyways, just posting about Steve Fee’s CD again. He rocked the house at OneDay. On his CD he does a Jason Wade cover (If you don’t know who Jason Wade is, he’s the lead singer of Lifehouse =) ). The song is called Revolution Cry.

When passion takes on a purpose
And searching ones embrace the light
When skeptics find themselves down on their knees
You’ll know it’s here

When you hear a sound as loud as thunder
When you hear a cry that shakes the ground beneath you
When you hear a shout that shatters the darkness
You’ll know it’s here

When the lost find a name worth believing in
And the fallen get back on to their feet
When the broken start to dream again

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Heh, well not really, the title just sounded cool and I hoped you would read it.

I love Steve’s CD. Go buy it now!! Click here to buy!. It’s just super. 11 songs, straight from Steve’s heart to God’s, (but songs we can all love and grab on to as well). I’m kinda debating on doing one of them this Sunday (that What Else Can I Do song).

This is week 2, of our 6 week series on The Purpose Driven Life. I’m leading worship along with the band, and the weeks focus is on Worship, so what better week to lead. I have a few songs in mind, and after meeting with Pastor Kevin today, I have a few more. I’m almost at a mix posistion to do two songs. One is that What Else Can I Do song by Steve Fee that I posted in my journal

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Just ordered Steve Fee’s CD “Sacred Space” this week. (It came out tuesday actually, ordered it tuesday as well). It hasn’t come yet though. Lots of great songs on it. Out of like 12 songs, I haven’t heard like 3 of them, and the rest of them I love, and would love to incorporate into my worship when I lead. I jammed with JD and Helen today after worship practice and played them one of Steve’s songs called “Captivate.” Beautiful song.

I still remember when Lisa and I first heard it and tried to figure out all the words. We had to listen to it like 4 times to get it all (it was kinda hard to figure it out). He’s done that song probably about 3 times now at 7:22 (with this week being the 3rd). Good stuff, I can’t wait for the CD. Unfortunately, I don’t think they’ll

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“Are we in trouble??” is what one person in our congregation asked when they heard that our district superintended of the Assembilies of God was coming to visit (well and speak). No we weren’t in trouble, but rather he came with a very good message that talked about the Multi-Purpose facility that’s to come.

If you haven’t heard, at our church we’re planning a expansion of the 2nd floor. We’re making a multi-purpose facility that will go over the Bank, and the parking lot that is on the property of our church. It’s going to be a gym with a full sized Basket ball court, and two smaller courts overlayed on it. Sounds neat eh? As well as it functioning as a gym, it will also be the home of our youth group (and probably where our college group will meet as well). I’m hoping for it to be great.

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Here are the words, let it capture you. Gosh, I want to use this for worship some time, but not sure when yet…

What Else Can I Do But Worship

Your love for me is a healing comfort for me
Your grace to me is a matchless gift to me
Your power in me is a mighty river in me

At the end of the day with the setting of the sun
After all that is said and done

What else can I do but worship?
What else can I do but bow?
‘Cuz all I really long for is You
All I really yearn for is You

Your Sovereignty is a sure foundation for me
Your hope in me is enduring peace in me
Your care for me brings a sweet surrender to me

What else can I do but praise You?
Joining in the sounds of heaven’s song

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