Random Stolen Stuff

haha, well this was a conversation I had today with my bud Patrick. Strangely, I decided to cut’n paste it to nate, cuz I was sure he’d have a kick outta it (it was first posted in his DEADjournal (http://www.deadjournal.com/users/naythenjung/). I’m reposting it here, for readers of my journal. =P

EatsomeKorn987: do you know how much a rectifier is

EatsomeKorn987: would you recommend getting a multi-effects board or just compact pedals

WarbladeX: rectifier?

WarbladeX: why does that sound like something that goes into your butt….

EatsomeKorn987: its like a crunching

WarbladeX: never heard of it

EatsomeKorn987: try it, its great

EatsomeKorn987: not for your butt

WarbladeX: heh, that would hurt

Yeah, you bet that would hurt. Anything in my butt would hurt! Even poo hurts sometimes, when it doesn’t come out! …. ok, enuf information on that…

Random Thought of the Moment (RTOM): Margarine, It’s like butter….only not.

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