Stumbled Upon a New Website Today…interesting….

heh, I just happened to find a new website today when browsing. Check out
Just because it’s on the domain of does not mean it’s by me….*cough* I’m innocent until proven guilty. I swear!

Hah, guess I never really formally announced my webpage. I bought the domain of and my journal is hosted there now, via javascript (and it looks pretty cool like that too, though I might change some things for it, I’m not sure yet, haha). Nate just told me he’s going to either sell my site, or bash it on his next journal entry, whoooo, should be interesting what he comes up with.

I should have waited till all my webpage stuff was done, then bought the domain and hosting services. It’s actually pretty cheap, about 107$ for the year for the hosting, and the domain was just 15$ a year (I have it reserved for 2 years).

So the question of the hour: Who is in the Randall Wong Band? Haha, I dunno, right now it’s just me, but I’d like to get some other people to help out in ministry all the time =P (*COUGH COUGH, PPL LIKE NATE AND WADE AND ERICA *COUGH ) Course they all have busy lives, and don’t want to do much, hehe. Maybe I’ll have to go with some white friends or something. aiya =P

Gonna go work on a picture page, hehe

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